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Spring is an ideal time for planting in almost all areas of the country, as warming temperatures and regular rainfall makes conditions ideal for plant establishment. Make sure you wait until the threat of frost is over before planting. Spring is a good time to make sure your irrigation or sprinkler system is in good working condition, and that your lawn tools and equipment are ready for the upcoming busy season. And remember, any season is the right time to make sure your shrubs and trees are properly mulched in order to moderate temperatures, maintain soil moisture, deter weeds, and enhance the attractiveness of your yard. However, avoid mulching directly around the trunks of trees and ornamental plants, as this can lead to rot.


In most parts of the country, summer means watering. To provide your landscape and lawn with the correct amount of water, learn about the specific needs your lawn, trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. This is important to avoid drought stress, but also to avoid over-watering, which can be as detrimental as drought.


Fall is also an excellent time to plant in many parts of the country. If you do plant, make sure you water new plantings well if rain is scarce. Also, take care to sufficiently water your lawn as it prepares for its dormancy. Don’t forget to plant bulbs in the fall, including tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth, for a bright, beautiful spring display.


Winter is an excellent time to prune trees and shrubs in most parts of the country. Many plants have lost their leaves, making it easier to see their framework and decide which branches to remove. However, do not prune plants that bloom in the spring, as you could remove next spring’s flowers. Prune these plants after the blooms fall off in the spring. In most parts of the country, you might need to water your lawn, even during dormancy, if it doesn’t rain for three to four weeks. Winter is also a good time to mulch your trees and ornamental plants to help moderate temperatures and soil moisture. This time of year is ideal to get lawn equipment repaired and ready for spring. Many repair shops might even offer winter discounts during what is typically a slow time of the year for them.

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