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  • Lawn Mowing Tips

    The experts at the TruGreen Lawn and Landscape Institute report that the most common mowing mistakes are mowing too infrequently and cutting grass too short. Here are their tips on proper mowing technique: Avoid Scalping Letting grass grow tall and then removing more than 1/3 of the leaf blade is called "scalping" and can damage the lawn. Mowing grass extremely low can also damage the lawn by cutting into the crowns of the plants. Sharpen Blades Make sure your ...

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  • Seasonal Tips

    Spring Spring is an ideal time for planting in almost all areas of the country, as warming temperatures and regular rainfall makes conditions ideal for plant establishment. Make sure you wait until the threat of frost is over before planting. Spring is a good time to make sure your irrigation or sprinkler system is in good working condition, and that your lawn tools and equipment are ready for the upcoming busy season. And remember, any season ...

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